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Per Eye Focus Adjustments

Level 2
Hey everyone,

I would like to bring this zombie thread back to life.
But with some more input and proper feedback from the community.

Can I get a shoutout to all the glasses wearing folks out there!

I've played with spacers, making my own hot glue glasses and much more.

To me there seems to be a needed function at some point to dial in a per eye focus.

And I doubt this needs to be a hardware modification at all, maybe at most a 1st party plugin.


Wouldn't it be amazing and practical to visit a VR eye doctor as part of the set up??

What do you all think could you see yourself ditching the contacts and dialing in your prescriptions?

Level 12
Personally I'd rather keep the cost of the HMD down and let individuals get their own prescription devices designed by optical professionals.
However, I'd really like Oculus to be a lot more generous with the space for glasses in the headset.  My glasses are smaller than the size that Oculus says will fit, but the foam still grabs them and makes them a PITA to put on and off.
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Dear Oculus, If it ain't broke, don't fix it, please.