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Physical Customization of the Rift

Level 2
I've seen a lot of cool faceplate/visor "mods" for lack of a better term. Seems like almost every picture of someone's personal dev kit, they have googly eyes, or symbols, or something on that faceplate.

I realize most of us here are techies and/or hardcore gamers, so I want to say, I'm suggesting this only for the consumer version, and only as a minor addition that would add no weight and no extra cost (or at least no extra parts).

What if the the square front of the "visor" or "faceplate" had open vent-like corners, that would allow you to slip a "card" into place over the front by inserting the corners of the card into each corner "vent", allowing people to print out and have all kinds of personalization for their own rift, without actually ever doing any permanent modification or risking nasty tape-glue residue.

You could print out all kinds of variations of eyes including gluing googly eyes directly onto a card, use it to show off your businesses' logo while demoing, or make it simpler to keep track of which rift is yours at a LAN party or convention. Best part is designing a little pocket in each corner for the card to slip into shouldn't require any additional resources in terms of weight/power/cost.

I know this is all pretty goofy, but that's the point. And if its one thing we can all learn from game design, its that customization, even superficial customization, goes a long way to creating a sense of pride and/or ownership.

Level 2
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