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Poll: Did you had the bad "Mura effect" with the new Summer's Sales Oculus Bundle or D1 Edition?

Level 5
Someone say that compared to the firsts units of Oculus Rift CV1 the newest (the ones we have found in the new summer bundle, with the new padding foam) can have more chances to find the ugly Mura effect. This effect can be seen only in very dark scenes, and for someone is green, for others is white.
Please tell in this poll if you had this problem (or if you hadn't the Mura, it's important to say it anyway for balanced results).


I add some pictures, I try to show it.
Those pictures has been drawn (so it's not the real thing it's just a ""simulation"")

This one is real, found searching from google image, it's not easy to capture (image credits @flexy123 on the Oculus forum).


Level 2
I just recently (2 weeks ago) got my rift.  I got the touch bundle, not sure what revision but came with 2 sensors and no xbox controller.  Last week, I noticed that there seemed to be some dirt on the lenses that did not come off.  That's when I leaned about this Mura effect.  Mine was not green, more of a gray-ish colour.  Visible in dark scenes (I play alot of Elite Dangerous).  Could totally see it in the background on the lens alignment screen in the oculus menu.  I did the spud trick.  It fixed up the Mura.  Have not seen any of the possible side-effects (not sure exactly what I should be looking for).  Is Oculus looking at this issue? 

Level 3
I've had this issue for over a year now.  Bought my Rift off last year during the summer sale.  Didn't bother contacting support for RMA due to all the related horror stories and have been using the Rift with SPUD disabled.  I picked up a Lenovo Explorer right after Black Friday for $199.  Even though it uses LCD panels, the image quality is much better for dark scenes in games like SkyrimVR, Elite Dangerous, and Don't Knock Twice.