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Poor customer service

Level 2
I am very angry about Oculus customer service. It’s unacceptable that there is no way to fix our $300 device. Please pass this comment onto whoever should hear this.  We are not rich. We saved and asked for birthday contributions for our 7 year old son.  Yes, it’s ultimately our responsibility to care for our things BUT for there to be no options to fix it is ridiculous. It’s also irresponsible of Oculus/Facebook.  Ultimately this $300 device goes to the landfill since a simple price can’t be repaired. 
Social media should not be the only way to improve this problem but I’m sure I’m not the only one who has had or will have this problem.

Level 11

What happend to your device that voided its warrenty if i may ask?


And are you sure you can't take it back to the place you bought it for a replacement?

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