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Possibly New Controller Design Leaked?

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Volunteer Moderator

I just saw this on reddit:   ( )




No, that's not me, I don't photograph in portrait mode! Or put my face in it and have to blur it out. 🙂

(I also don't believe in leaks. But if they are already out there, might as well discuss it)



What we can see here is a controller with what appear to be cameras around the side of the controller and one on top, and no tracking ring.

Of course in this age of easy 3D printing, it wouldn't be hard to make a fake controller. So I'm not considering this real just yet.


Moving the controllers to inside-out tracking is interesting. Antilatency does a similar thing, they put cameras on everything that moves.

Have they put enough hardware into the controllers to process the video feeds there? Or are they streaming to the headset? A Qualcomm XR2 can only handle 7 cameras for tracking, this new system would have 12-14 (I'm guessing 4-5 cameras per controller, plus 4 on the headset). Are they going to put a full SOC in every controller?


Pros of Inside-out videometric controllers:

- No tracking volume. Down by your side, behind your back, there doesn't need to be line of sight between the headset and controller.

- Oculus can stop the alternating exposure. Quest 2 toggles between high exposure (to see the room) and low exposure (to ignore the room and see the controller IR LEDs). We don't need that if there's no LEDs at all.



- Controllers and headset tracking sync will be harder. We already have headset drift when moving in larger areas, now controllers can drift too since they are tracking themselves independently of the headset.

- Battery life will be worse.

- Replacements will be more expensive.


A similar camera layout will be needed on the headset. Not for controllers anymore, but for hand tracking.


I guess we'll find out what's up and if this is real in a month when Facebook Connect happens.



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If leak of new headset calibration/guardian video is true there would be IR laser emitter in headset. So controller will see an IR pattern.

Processing could be done inside a headset. Still that is a lot of wireless traffic, which is not good for AirLink....

> How about them doubling as cameras for body tracking? not necessarily while holding them but by placing them in mounts at recommended locations?


Great thought! 🙂

You could put some IR leds on your hands and legs to help it be better.


Also using it as a virtual marker could have more precision. Like an optical mouse.

May be need some pattern/photo on your desk to make it better.

Even you could write on a paper and then scan it with a controller camera 🙂


Or... you could hold a controller like a mic near your face and ... it will record your lips while singing 😄