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Problem with buying Oculus Quest 2 128GB version.

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I am writing here, from Poland, because I hope that somebody can help me with problem which happened to me. Yesterday I bought Oculus Quest 2 128GB but my order was cancelled, the reason of that, as Oculus has written, was "we are currently not delivering to your shipping address" or an error while processing a payment method. I have checked if I had given right shipment details and to make sure that I have funds on my credit card (which was my payment method) - the answer is yes.


Today I decided that I will try one more time to order Oculus Quest 2, but I was not even able to do so. When I had to choose my payment method, my card (Mastercard) was not accepted ("error occured, try again or change your payment method") I tried with Paypal but it was the same. 


I hope there is somebody who can tell me what can I do in this situation 

Greetings from Pola‌nd 




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Most likely something to do with the bank or your shipping region. My order was on hold due to the bank situation, I’d suggest getting the payment authorized and opening a ticket here —-> |||| then hit the chat button. Cheers! 👍

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Most likely your bank red flagged your account because the purchase was from another country. They do that just in case its a non authorized charge. 

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Volunteer Moderator

When you were on the store, did you have Poland selected from the popup list at the bottom of the page? Perhaps another country was selected and that conflicted with the address you gave.


Another possibility: is your mastercard from Poland? In the past Oculus has rejected orders where the country of the credit card and shipping address don't match.


The bank thing (as Lacerium and Jazzy_Jag mentioned) is possible too. My bank rejected my Quest 2 payment (despite me previously buying many headsets and games from Oculus) and didn't tell me. They just shut down my Visa card and waited for me to notice and contact them.

However Oculus don't usually charge until they are ready to ship. My bank rejecting the payment didn't stop the order from going through, it just delayed the shipment.

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