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Problems with vr headsets

Level 2

I'm a second year multimedia and animation student.I'm currently working on a ux project based of vr. As a part of my research I would like to know the problems you guys faced while using vr headsets and indulging in a experience.


Level 3

The troubleshooting with my Rift S exceeds the time I actually get to use it. With every instance of starting a new session, I will run into one or more bugs.

  • a black screen, requiring me to re-seat the USB cable,
  • 20 minutes into game play, one or more connections flake out for a second, 
  • restarting the software because it doesn't pick up the VR headset
  • applying device breaking updates
  • The displayport cable not being recognized despite the device being plugged in
  • One or more controllers not tracked by the device.
  • Controllers randomly disconnecting and not reconnecting until a rebind is initiated. 
  • right controller low battery warnings that aren't true
  • applications opening in VR mode only to revert back to regular mode on launch head, tracking being passed to app but no video output to oculus.
  • Guardian setup loop bug were setting up guardian it will persistently ask to setup a boundry and floor height, then returning to the beginning of the setup after successfully configured. 
  • intermittent USB disconnect issues
  • head tracking faults and fails to recover. 
  • None of the operations of the device are fault tolerant. If any piece of the system stalls or has a brief issue, it will require a restart of the program you're using to get it to work again. 
  • and more

From what I understand these issues and more are not limited to the Rift S and Quest 2 has their own issues with PC link