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Project Morpheus... Eye tracking?

Level 3
(Pure speculation)

Go to 2:10. Anybody know what that "third eye" is for:

Also at 0:20 in this one:

Reminds me of this, made with PS eye stuck in a Rift:

Shouldn't be hard for Sony to add in a 240hz version of PS eye, which should be fast enough for foveated rendering, and point it to one eye, which should be enough for accurate tracking I guess. PS4 hardware would be able to provide next gen graphics in VR if foveated rendering was used considering the resolution per eye is 960x1080. 60fps graphics upped to 120fps with timewarp can be pretty good. And all that, with a PS4+Morpheus combo that would not cost $1500. Much less if you already have a PS4.

360 degree 60fps videos displayed at 120fps with at fast rotational tracking and 240hz eye tracking could enable higher resolution content to be streamed by only streaming parts of it that are needed. A video container format with four different resolutions of the video and the ability to stream only parts of the image, combining on the fly high resolution in the center (where the eye is looking) lowest resolution at the edges could provide much better VR video quality than what we have now. The end image would still be 960x1080 per eye but it would include more detail squeezed in, a center from an 8K file, a second part from a 2K file, a third part from a 720p file and edges from a 480p file would look like it's a 8K-4K video, only a limited part of the 8K video (the part the eye is centered on) would be accessed, streamed and decompressed so it would not require as much memory and bandwidth as a 8K video. Would need more computing power to process and stitch the videos together to create the final image but the APU has that kind of parallel processing power anyway. Videos in the container format could be stored and accessed in tiles to make this happen.

Come to think of it, instead of a "slim PS" update that happens every generation, the already slim PS4 could get a "battery powered PS4" update, making it portable like a notebook, at the weight as a notebook and that in a backpack would be a great untethered VR solution. Or we could hack it and connect it to a notebook battery. Should be around 8lbs, not as good but still not to bad in a backpack.

If half of the stuff that can happen do happen, E3 this year will be legendary.
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