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Q2 Link Cable and Air Link Tips - TomC

Level 15

Something I posted in Reddit yesterday that some may find useful;


The main points I'm trying to make is to maximise your Q2 encoding resolution first, and then adjust your refresh rate and super sampling based on your PC specs and how complex your game/sim is.  Maybe one day Oculus will do this automatically.  


With Link I'm using the new VR Cover 5m premium link cable (optical like the official one) connected to my Z390 motherboard's usb3.1 gen2 type-c port.  With Air Link I'm using a 1 gig router ethernet wired to my PC and dedicated 5Ghz wifi on channel 36, 2-3m away from my paly space(s). 


I suggest you stop looking at old outdated info, especially since the v33 updates with your Q2 and oculus desktop app.


Your Q2 image quality will always depend on your pc specs and the quality of your link cable and its connection.

First of all, open ODT and set everything to defaults and zeros except link sharpening which you should enable. I also recommend disabling ASW space warp. Also set the bitrate at 350. Then shutdown and restart your desktop app to have these settings stick.


Next, after connecting with Link go to your oculus desktop app device graphics settings and select your Q2 refresh rate and manually set the slider encoding resolution. I suggest you start off with 80Hz and move the slider fully right. This will give you the approximately full native Q2 screen resolution. You will then need to do a restart.

Then check your performance and see if your pc can handle this or not.


If it cannot then go into ODT and lower the top pixel density over ride below 1.0, 0.1 at a time, so initially to 0.9 and try again. If you need to go below 0.7 you probably do not have enough pc power and you’ll need to go back and drop the res slider down a couple of notches and try again.

If initially you still have lots of pc headroom you can start increasing your ODT top pixel density above 1.0, 0.1 at a time until you run out of headroom. Once you successfully find your max you’ll pretty well be in your Q2 image quality heaven for your Q2 PCVR Link setup. Later, you can try increasing your refresh rate to 90Hz but you’ll probably need to lower you super sampling down a bit.


If you use the free oculus tray tool (OTT) you can fine tune SS settings for different games using game profiles. Also, many games have their own settings. If you are using SteamVR make sure to set pixel density 100% for everything. Like OTT you can adjust this per SteamVR game later. Just remember that whatever SS you used in your oculus settings will be additive.


If you have the recommended Air Link router/WiFi setup you’ll probably also find that these settings will work fine wireless with Air Link but you’ll need to go into ODT and change the the bitrate down from 350 to 0. Then in the Air Link rift home dashboard start off with 100mbps dynamic and increase this later if you still have headroom.

Anyway, I hope you find this methodology useful. It has worked very well for me.


Good luck mates and cheers.

9 9900k, rtx3090, 32 Gb ram, 1tb ssd, 4tb hdd. xi hero wifi mb, 750w psu, Q2 w/Air Link, Vive Pro