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Quest 2 64gb same price as 128gb

Level 2

I was one of the last people to get the 64gb version of the quest 2. A day after I got it, it got removed everywhere. Then they came out with the 128gb model. I find it really unfair and inconvenient. I have bought a ton of games from your store and continue to but I am only able to keep a few since I have to delete to download the rest. I mean, for the same price of the 64gb model you get double the storage. The 128gb model was never even released when I ot my quest. I mean they removed all of the 64gb models one day and then added the 128gb one. I feel as a ton of 64gb users we should be able to send ours back for the double storage that is the exact price as ours. Maybe even a frickin STORAGE DEVICE to add more.