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Quest 2 Propels VR Headset Usage On Steam To All-Time-High

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Insightful new article posted by Heaney,


In May 2.31% of Steam gamers used a virtual reality headset, a new all-time-high.


The market share landscape hasn’t much changed since last month. Facebook continues to hold roughly 60%, while HTC & Valve hold roughly 15% each.













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A lot of people were skeptical (including me) when they announced that they were coming out with a stand-alone headset. I held off on the original Quest at first because I thought it would likely fail. I just wanted a better Rift than the one I had.


I am going to give Facebook the benefit of the doubt and say that the way things are now is how they planned it to go (very likely that this is the case), and so I have to say "well played Mr. Zuck, well played."


To have the most popular PC headset be a stand-alone headset that can also do PCVR is quite an achievement. And that isn't even thinking about all the people without PCs. Facebook, for all their flaws and things I wish they would do (and wouldn't do) is rocking the VR space.

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@Zenbane  I think that as more PCVR users get better nvidia series 3000 gpu's the Q2 usage is going to skyrocket even higher.  Adding 120Hz with a good Air Link router/wifi setup and it's going to almost be unstoppable, lol!  It's sooo good already for me with my rtx3090 I cannot imagine how much better it's going to get with a Q2 Pro, and maybe proper wifi 6e.  Time will tell I guess.  For now, my Link cable and Vive Pro are both starting to collect a bit of dust, lol!

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