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Quest 2 - Render Resolution, Link, Headset

Level 2


Having read numerous posts on many sites I am not sure I quite understand the relationship between the render resolution in the oculus app, what Link does to that, and what the Quest 2 receives.


As I understand it, increasing the render resolution is beneficial (on suitable PC specs) because a curved based image needs to be rendered to account for the headset lens distortion - this makes sense, because you get more detail rendered.


Presumably Link then down-scales that to the max resolution of the headset and then sends that to the headset?


Newer versions of the App (>v23) already have a wide enough encode width for any setting. But what about bitrate - has that been increased or is it still beneficial to set a value > 150? On that note, I am using Air Link and set the bit rate in the headset settings (Dynamic, 200Mbps max), so presumably that's all I need to do?


What happens when a game, like MS Flight Sim, applies a Render Scale? Is this simply a multiplier to the Render Resolution? Subjectively, starting at the max render resolution and applying a <1 render scale yields the same experience as setting the render resolution directly to max X desired scale and then applying a scale of 1 in the game. Going the other way, with a scale > 1 and low render res does not seem to give equivalent results.