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Quest 2 Selling Thrice as Fast as Sony's PSVR

Level 16

Great news for OculusVR:


lining up with the previous quarter — where developers and analysts alike estimated the Oculus Quest 2 sold between 2-3 million units — Quest 2 seems to have sold another 2 million units so far in 2021, according to analysts. If estimates are correct, that means that the Quest 2 now has an install base of up to 5 million users; a milestone that's incredibly impressive when compared to any other before it.






  • Quest 2 sales estimates show that the VR console has now sold in upwards of 5 million units in just 6 months.
  • The previous best-selling VR headset, PlayStation VR, took 5 years to reach this same milestone.
  • The majority of VR developers are now developing Quest games, showing an overall shift in the market




Level 16

Wow, Q2 sales are pretty amazing, and for good reason(s) imho.  It will be interesting to see how the next Q-pro/3 does against the next psvr2.  Of course it's impossible to predict until these are both released, but unless the psvr2 has a standalone option, I don't like its chances, lol! 

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Level 12

Ps vr did unbelievable considering it was so underpowered with the crappy controllers. Psvr 2 will be an extreme upgrade. That being said it's going to be wired as far as we know and depends on a console base users to buy it. Regardless it looks like it won't be out until the holiday 2022 season. By than it will be many many millions behind quest 2 and maybe quest 3. I don't think it will be able to catch up at that point, but will be a joyful addition to what's offered to the vr community.