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Quest build v33 release notes

Oculus Community Manager
Oculus Community Manager

These features and enhancements will become available starting the week of September 13th, 2021.

Guardian History

  • If your headset is experiencing tracking issues, you can now use Clear Guardian history to delete Guardian maps and tracking data in addition to boundary data from your Quest or Quest 2 headset.
    • Please note that this will also delete the Guardian tracking data for any secondary users if you have multiple accounts saved on your headset.
    • You can clear your Guardian history from the Guardian settings panel in VR.

Safe Browsing

  • We’ve implemented an additional layer of security in Oculus Browser to protect you from websites that may be potentially harmful (malware, phishing etc.).
  • If you navigate to a potentially harmful site, you’ll be redirected to a separate page with info on why the site may be unsafe and recommendations for how to proceed. This feature is powered by Google Safe Browsing.

Link and Air Link Visual Improvements

  • Next time you use Link or Air Link with your headset, you may notice improved image quality and text clarity thanks to Link Sharpening. Link Sharpening makes images crisper, fine details clearer, and text more clear and easy to read.

Improved Oculus Touch Controller Sleep Management

  • We’re updating the Oculus Touch Controller firmware to make controllers go to sleep faster, which improves the standby battery life.
    • Please note that this update applies only to the original Quest to match the controller behavior on Quest 2.

Improved Multitasking

  • We’re bringing some of the previously experimental multitasking features to everyone. These include showing up to three currently running 2D apps in the Universal Menu, a bar beneath each window for accessing common controls, and the ability to drag and drop Browser tabs and windows.

App-Level Notifications Preferences

  • Notification settings are being redesigned to allow for more granular control of your in-VR notifications. These settings include
    • Turning ALL notifications for an app on or off.
    • Turning notifications for a particular app category (e.g. friend activity) on or off
    • Turning specific types of notifications (like push, VR, email) for an app on or off.

System Keyboard Updates

  • You’ll now see auto-correct features when typing using the system keyboard.
  • We’ve also improved next-word prediction. You can quickly select the next word suggestion by hitting the spacebar.
    • Please note that this feature will be rolling out progressively over time and may not initially be available for all users.

You can always find our release notes up to date on our support page here as well.


Level 4

Does anyone know more or less how long it takes to deploy an update for Quest 2?

I already have it in Oculus Home (Without PTC) 2 days ago, but no trace in Quest. Shortly after this news came out, a download started, but it was from v32.

Level 3

When will the V33 update be rolled out to all Quest 2 headsets?  I have it on my PC app but not my headset.

The Rez adjustment in Sidequest is not the same as the PCVR adjustments, it's for applying it natively.


Yes,  I have seen that half black screen you are talking about, it seems every version has a slightly different limit, on V33 I had to back it down a notch. 


 I'm thinking there is a danger of having the native Rez higher than default during an update. Everything working great here except airlink. I get that half black screen in airlink since it launched even with everything set at default and I suspect it's because I had the Rez up during the first airlink install. I could probably fix it with a factory reset but I would still use virtual desktop more since it also has the ability to invoke 3D for the games and movies I stream.  

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This might be the reason for half block screen …My V.33 update came automatically 

when I turn on my headset for the first thing before I increase the Rez.

I do can tell you and highly recommend to use the AirLink rather than the virtual desktop.

You will see much better and extremely faster than the virtual….


The update will happened one day soon when you just open it and see the arrow sign

that show the update.. It will update for up to 10 minutes and than you should turn it off

and turn it on again…

thanks for this info regarding airlink vs. virtual desktop. Im looking forward to receiving the update and trying airlink out again with No Mans Sky, and I might for fun fire up Alyx again and 'compare' between the two ( virtual deskop and airlink) 


I am sure you’ll find that the AirLink is much more stable and better picture and letancy

is much smoother…I have also and the virtual and practically don’t use it any more…

Remember that the V33 will appear one day when you turn your headset and start downloading for about up to ten minuted in which you must let it finish completely until the headset light turn to blue and dark screen…Than you should turn it off by clicking for few seconds till the light turn off. Once there turn back the headset and you good to go…You might face some glitches at first uses,but after a while it work great..Good luck and enjoy !

Level 2

Couldn't you always clear your Guardian history?

Good idea to clear guardian history after any updates imho.

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Volunteer Moderator
Volunteer Moderator

So I got v33 on my Quest 2 today and tried Link Sharpening... Wow, pretty nice improvement! I loaded up Lone Echo and played around with turning Sharpening off and on, and the difference is quite noticeable. Then I got sucked in and played through a couple hours of the game, until my battery ran out. Anyway, good stuff!

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