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Quest or Rift S

Level 2
This is quite a common question I believe but after hours of research I still can't decide. I currently have a Lenovo Explorer and am looking to upgrade. I'd like to be able to try out the extra features and to experiment with the wireless the Quest offers over the rift s however I'd prefer the supposedly better PCVR experience the rift s offers. The quest is also more expensive (I think) but idk if it would be worth the investment. My main concern is tracking but sound and comfort are also quite important. I would like to use my own headphones over the headset instead of buying a new pair of headphones. And if I were to get a quest, getting hold of a link cable seems to be pretty difficult and I've heard not all third party cables will work well, if at all. Any advice? Thanks!

Level 15
If you want everything you mention then buy both, lol!  Both are listed at $399.  New Oculus updates have apparently now made the Link feature for the Quest a lot more tolerant of diff cables, even the usb 2.0 charge cable that comes with it (albeit slightly lower performance). 

If I were you I'd probably just stick with your Lenovo WMR headset for PCVR unless mobile VR is a big deal for you.  Probably better to spend $'s upgrading your PC to get better performance out of your current headset and get it ready for true Gen2 headsets (2021-2022?) imho.
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Level 4
Buying a Quest right now seems a bit of waste to me as there's going to be a better version of it being faster and fairly lighter than the original, due to some people having issues with the weight being front heavy over long periods of time, coming sometime in 2021.

While, the Rift S can be thought of as your typical default headsets you can buy.

The Quest my be a bit comfortable with a bit of a bigger resolution then the Rift S, but there pretty much minor differences at best. The Quest can run for about 2-3 hours as when fully charged,  but do note batteries can die in the long-run, while the Rift S doesn't need to as it is powered by cable. 

Another note, Oculus will release a new Jedi controllers, just a bunch of speculations for now, so no idea whats it going to be about.

Looking at your Lenovo specs, there shouldn't be any reason to buy a Rift S at all.

Important: One thing to note is that the Rift S does not have an IPD slider, while the Quest does. this is very important as in most cases not having the right IPD settings will cause sometimes severe VR Sickness.
Oculus Rift S
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Level 3
The IPD adjustment is the reason I bought a Quest to replace my Rift. I have an IPD of 59 and was not sure if the Rift S would 'fit' me. I am perfectly happy with my Quest! I bought it to use it mostly for PCVR.. but I notice I use it a lot stand-alone too! Using Virtual Desktop and wirelessly play PCVR as also very nice! Overall... I can do with the Quest untill a better alternative with the same price comes along.

Level 15
Lots have ipd's between 59-69mm and they work fine.  If not, just return it.  I have a 69.0mm measured ipd and both the Oculus Go and Rift S worked fine for me.
9 9900k, rtx3090, 32 Gb ram, 1tb ssd, 4tb hdd. xi hero wifi mb, Corsair 1000w. Rift cv1, Quest 1, Vive Pro.