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Quest with no SD card slot?

Level 5
Umm I was planning on buying one but after reading this I am not so sure!

This seems crazy to me as a large game would use 10gb or more.

Level 15
Maybe it will get external memory via its USB port?  The Oculus Go is supposed to get this feature in the near future.
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Level 5
Well I wonder how that will work when we need a power pack plugged in because of the short battery life.

Level 14
Yea this is my only beef with the Quest really(besides the 835 snapdragon). They are supposed to offer a 128gig version supposedly. But even at 128, that seems kind of tight considering how large games are. I hope the USB storage option ends up true. 

Level 5
Yes I can see storage is going to be a big issue, what is the point in having 50+ games at launch if you cant have them all installed to play....

Volunteer Moderator
Volunteer Moderator
I assume the intension is for stand-alone games to have much less of an impact on processor and memory compared to PC but yeah, if the Quest becomes a success and software devs really take to it, that memory is going to fill up.
What do we think the average stand-alone game is going to take up? I'm going to hazard a guess at maybe 2GB (that may be an overestimate).

I guess some people may want to add a movie or 2 (although streaming is more likely)... and if there's an app for viewing photos and listening to music in VR, that would be cool so memory could be an issues.

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Level 2
I bought 128 and after software updates there was 100gb left for games.... So.... Ofcourse should have slot... What Facebook been thinking... Money?
 I could buy sony xperia 5 for 250$ with 250gb memory+1tb card slot. And prisessor is better than quest,. Vr box costs just 10$ and controllers 20$.... Battery life is double. 

Level 2
That Sony xperia have 8gb ram also

Level 16
I would say go for it.

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