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Quest2 - Subscription for Apps Coming

Level 15

kevinw729_2-1618510116537.png "The Out-of-Home Immersive Entertainment Frontier: Expanding Interactive Boundaries in Leisure Facilities"

Level 11

^^^Way back in 2008 Bethesda sold DLC called horse armour, some were unhappy with this new practice, some were happy and said it's a one off and if you love the game devs why not pay them a little something, it's not like if they make money from it that the flood gates are going to open and everyone will start doing it, and with that everyone lived happily ever after. lol

Level 12

The real picture at 10,000 feet is this consumers will own nothing in the future anyone who "owns" digital media you don't own it your leased it.


Its the bastardization of the internet age.  When high speed broad band internet took over, and people thought they could save money cutting the cord.


Streaming services are the cable packages of yesteryear.  


When it comes to modern games you don't own the game, you are just sitting on a license until they decide to charge extra, then its just one patch away from becoming unplayable.


Unlike the old days when software was contained on the disk or cartridge, developers can and will patch something if the cost analysis is good for them.


@Warbloke wrote:

"never needing a FB account to access online features"      *cries

Well that came from Palmer, and nobody else. Believing Palmer was silly to begin. I know a liar when I see one lol

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@PITTCANNA looks like you're right Strava shifted a few things to the paid side a couple years back but seems like they were stuff I didn't use.


On the plus side, when I started using the internet back in 97 I think it was about £30 a month for 56k speeds.... games came in boxes that were sized to represent how good the developer thought they were...

You had to go to a shop to get them, you had to have the disk in the PC to play them (no-CD cracks didn't exist then... you didn't get much in the way of patches... multi-player had to be via LAN. I don't want to go back!


Having said that I've just resurrected my tape deck and looking to get a turntable... something about music that suits ownership, maybe because the good stuff hasn't changed much over time. Games tech is just changing at a rate that makes it replaceable or upgradable within a couple years.

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@DaftnDirect Even the paid services become tiered, and its just bad practice.

My thing is developers are now becoming increasing scummy, software sells the hardware.

When your spending 300 on a cycling computer, 30 on speed sensor, 30 on hr sensor, and 1000 for a powermeter, and despite the free ware (whaoo, and garmin free services to log these services do a poor job to log the data).  I think a site like strava who gets ads from whaoo, garmin, srm, etc should atleast do a better job in providing a better cost to value for benifit.


Also in the case of zwift, you see ads on the game, for whaoo, tacx, elite garmin etc, and these ads are on the billboards in the game.  You would think maybe its time to say after x years of continual service you have a certain right to use the software.


My point is above all, during current global constraints, software is a essentially a non-tangible good no real dollar amount can be assigned.  Developers can slap what ever price on it and call it a day. They chose to be cheap by going subscription.

Level 16

Hmm, well Facebook DOES support a subscription based services for advertisements and other features. It's been this way for many, many long years. Yet despite Facebook charging money for certain features, it has not introduced a complete pay wall. I'm not sure why this particular subscription service suddenly creates all the pay wall doomsday prophecies in spite of the existing subscription-based services Facebook has employed for years.


You can read about all the ways you can pay Facebook your money here:


The news about paying for VR Fitness is a great breakthrough for VR as a mainstream product. Like anything else, the change will be met with protests from those who do not like change. But the change will  happen nonetheless.


All the complaints about paying for this type of service remind me of all the complaints against paying for VR back when the Rift and Vive first released. So many articles were published back then saying that VR is a gimmick. And now here we are having VR prove them all wrong. But in a stunning plot twists, VR users are criticizing VR subscription services.


Well, as the worm turns...

Depends on the extent of scummy though.


If subscriptions are subsidising my non-subscription service, I'm not going to shout foul. I also think the reality of games becoming unplayable have to be put into context.


As far as digital download are concerned, of all the games I (don't) own via Steam, Uplay, Oculus,, Origin and Microsoft stores, how many are not playable now. I don't think there are any single payer games that don't work... there may be multiplayer games that no longer have active servers but then someone has to pay for the servers. They often have LAN MP options or SP content.


As for subscription game services that offer any game you want under that sub for the duration of the sub, I'd say it's an option that some people want. Probably more so for consoles because of the finite storage of the hardware and the increasing size of the games. But this is increasingly going to be a thing for PC, MSFS uses so much data that only a small percentage can be stored on any local PC, the rest has to be streamed. At the moment subscriptions are optional and I'm kind of glad because I'm pretty sure those subscriptions are subsidising my non-sub choice for the game as it streams so much data during every flight.


At the end of the day, we have choices and the way I see it Oculus are giving devs one more choice. Steam already has third party subscription facilities within its store (EA Play was in their top 10 a week or so ago) so I think it needs to be an option in the Oculus store too.

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Level 5

I’ve started trialing FitXR and I’ll tell you the new update is worse. I have 90 days to see if it is all worth it so hopefully they add content by then. The UI is a downgrade from what they had previously. You can’t sort anything based on music genre, length, and difficulty. You previously could. So it’s endless scrolling through so called classes to find one you want to do. Also once selecting a class, the options are now hidden in a settings menu instead of everything showing up on one screen. So if you want to turn off squats, you have to select another settings menu after selecting the class. It’s more cumbersome and clunky. So this is my experience. If after 90 days there’s no improvement or add ons, then I will not pay for it. Even then that will be a debate if they do add new stuff in the coming weeks. 

Fitxr has been on decline since the transition from boxvr to fitxr.  

Everything is kinda broke to it.  


Boxvr at least was clean ad simple enough to be accessible.


But paid subscriptions don't subsidize non-paid, ads do.