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Question about Juddering / Low Persistence / FPS / Hz

Level 4
HI All,

Sorry for gross ignorance if this has been answered or is otherwise a stupid question. I wanted to know why there are so many issues when the game is dropping down below 75fps (Juddering / Tearing in right eye).

I haven't played a lot with this in my DK2 yet and experimented the differences between v-sync / low persistence etc. The reason for asking is that although it was not an ideal situation you could easily run DK1 games around 30FPS without any problems further than low latency.

Thanks for any answers.

Level 8
That is a very good question, I also would like to hear what is the answer and if there is an easy solution :?

Level 3
I remember Cyber or one of the other Oculus folks saying that if you run without vsync and get tears from that, they're far more noticeable as rather than going horizontally across the screen over both eyes, they now go vertically in one screen for one eye. This is because of the switch from a landscape to portrait screen and the manner in which graphics cards render stuff.

Level 3
I think because 99% of the demos run in extended mode, and 99% of the time the Rift in set as secondary display;
since V-Sync only works on the main display, that is your monitor which usually runs at 60 Hz, the demo runs at 60 fps while the screen of the Rift updates at 75 Hz, thus the image stutters badly.
The only way I found to solve this is to set the Rift as main display, even if it's a pain in the butt.
Here I wrote a guide to survive :mrgreen:

Level 4
That's not been my experience. In extended mode it runs fine at 75hz. My 3DVision pop up confirms it is running at that frquency. The game also runs fine and appears to have low persistence. A good example of this is the Red Paw demo of his kickstarter. It runs fine in extended in most places however when looking at the shelves I get some "juddering" which I presume is when I am dropping below 75 FPS. The question is why this causes such a noticeable difference as opposed to DK1 which would just have higher latency. Unfortunately that demo doesn't have the ability to turn vsync and low persistence on and off so I can see what happens with different settings. The Tuscany Oculus world demo does but I can't get that to dip below 75fps.