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Question about your nose regarding immersion

Level 2
Sooo, maybe this sounds stupid, but I have a question regarding to your nose and how you see the real world.

In real life, each eye sees a part of the tip of your nose (just close one eye to understand what I mean).

However (correct me if I am wrong), with the oculus rift the lenses are placed such that your eyes see two rectangular (one each) windows right?

This way, with the rift, your brain does not have to automatically filter out your nose, since you don't see it.

However, maybe this lack of not automatically (having to) filter out the nose might have some effect on how you percieve what you see right?

Has anyone ever tried placing a static black screen in the place where you would normally see your nose? Or is this not viable since this would require pupil tracking to some extent (not to forget everybodies nose is shaped differently, and your brain is only filtering your exact nose).

Just a random thought from me though, so I'm sorry if you feel I wasted your time ๐Ÿ™‚

Ps. Slight afterthought: Say your brain keeps filtering out the part where your nose would be (thus there being no difference between your nose actually being there or not, since it is filtered out regardless) you could maybe opt to choose for a lower resolution on the place where your nose would be (or just black) to lower the specs of the computer (less pixels to calculate etc.)

Level 2
"vin" wrote:
"zarlor" wrote:

EDIT: Also, I don't think i see why getting a Rift now (with the understanding you're getting something that is still improving and is not a commercial product necessarily meant for consumer consumption) would affect development of it in any way. I doubt the folks doing the manufacturing are being pulled away from development duties. Plus the manufacturing process itself may need testing and tweaking, too, so I doubt you'd be causing any kind of slowdowns to development by getting one now if you really, really wanted one (again, understanding and accepting some of the limitations in the current version, of course.)

You'll find that the manufacturing of the Rift isn't exactly speedy, so when there are more enthusiasts than developers placing orders, it delays developers from getting the developer kit, which means developers aren't able to do developer duties.

I suppose there is something to be said for that, although I also think the manufacturing process itself probably still needs testing and tweaking, etc. So in that sense dealing with the volume is something Oculus will have to deal with as well.

Then again, it doesn't really matter if you're wife won't let you get one anyway. :lol:

Level 2
I actually have a problem with the nose, but it's not that I cant see it (although I can't). It's the fact that when playing a game on the oculus, I can see out of the oculus whenever my eyes look down as my nose is small, which makes the whole experience slightly less immersive. Does anyone else have this problem? :? I've thought about putting a cushioning-like object on my nose beforehand (I know, sounds really wierd) which means that I can't see out. Does that seem like an OK idea? Thanks.

Level 2
I can see out from underneath it as well, but I think of that as a "feature" since that way I can angle my head up to look at part of the keyboard that way! ๐Ÿ˜‰

Level 4
I thought about this a few weeks ago. I went so far as to make a fake nose out of modelling clay, see picture here:

The main problem with this was that my "Nose" was perfectly in focus, which is is not when you look at your nose. I thought perhaps a better option would be to render a defocused nose in the images? That, and the fact that it ended up being bright Orange! (I was going for flesh colored).


Level 2
Yeah, but it's pretty irrelevant since your field of view is cut off just before where you would be able to see your nose anyway, unless you were maybe Cyrano de Bergerac or something.