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Quill being replaced with Quill By Smoothstep

Volunteer Moderator
Volunteer Moderator

Quill has been an amazing art tool for Oculus headsets for many years.


However things are changing a bit. Ownership of Quill has transferred from Oculus to Smoothstep, the company of Quill's creator Inigo Quilez.

The new Quill (called Quill By Smoothstep at the moment) is available for free at


The previous Quill will be removed from the Oculus store on October 18.

It will continue to run for people who already have it, but it will lose the ability to directly upload to Oculus Media Studio (you can still manually upload).

Also on October 18 the Quill Theater program on the Quest will be rebranded as VR Animation Player.


The new homepage:


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