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Level 15

Now with the new investment of $100m in REC ROOM, we are about to see a major development in the platform that started the Customer-Created platform.

The question has to be how many will use HORIZON and how many will favor REC ROOM?

Note - As this latest version of the forum software is still a bit janky I have yet to be able to work the polls, so will just run this as a conversation. "The Out-of-Home Immersive Entertainment Frontier: Expanding Interactive Boundaries in Leisure Facilities"

Level 11

You know, I gave Rec Room a shot and found it both boring and frustrating. Paintball was okay, but I got bored of that quickly. And the group PvE games were super frustrating due to the vets hogging all the weapons, then expecting a newbie to be able to contribute. All while yelling at anyone who isn't "pulling their weight" via knowing exactly where every enemy is going to spawn before it spawns. I ended up uninstalling Rec Room because it just wasn't fun. Nor was it a social experience I wanted to continue having. Getting screeched at by obnoxious kids for daring to be new and "tea bagged" every time I got defeated in Paintball or a co-op PvE game is not what I consider fun. It's the same reason I don't really play online multiplayer vs in first person shooters.


But there's one thing that confuses me. Why do people hate on Quest users so much in rec room? It's not like your HMD of choice in any way indicates what type of person you are beyond maybe being a high end tech enthusiast. And regardless of what headset is being used, if the person's a child then they did not buy it. It was their parents that bought the VR headset or it was a Christmas/birthday present, so the one who chose the headset is not the child. Not to mention, an obnoxious kid is going to still going to be an obnoxious kid regardless of what VR headset they are using.


I'll probably check out Horizon. I'm curious about it, after all. It might be a good place to meet with some of my friends, and make new ones. But I fully expect it'll be flooded with screaming children and screaming adults who act like children. But that has nothing to do with the fact the kids will be (probably) using a Quest or Quest 2, and everything to do with them being obnoxious kids taking advantage of the anonymity of the internet to be brats.


Hell, I wouldn't be surprised once it launches if some users being obnoxious are actually using a Index, Cosmos, or other brand of VR headset via something like Revive.

Lo, a quest! I seek the threads of my future in the seeds of the past.

I don't really see the software being condemned anywhere yet though

Yeesh also @Oculus  @Facebook why is this, by default, sorted Oldest to Newest? Makes it look like nobody's talking about this anymore/ a dead conversation forum.

Agreed the forum has passed on discussion on this topic - there are reasons, compounded by the lack of activity on this forum site. You can go over to the largest Oculus VR forum on Facebook and there has been a more focused discussion that is on going. Those of us that have used Horizon have listed concerns regarding its operation and moderation, and the close Beta has seen ongoing updates till recently. We expect more information on the future of Horizon and Workspace at Connect.

It is a shame that this forum has plateaued at the moment. While the VR community seems stronger than ever, they just dont want to do it here! "The Out-of-Home Immersive Entertainment Frontier: Expanding Interactive Boundaries in Leisure Facilities"

Level 15

I remain active in Horizon about once a month. The devs have done a great job of making it easy to manage anyone disruptive. Although in my ongoing experience, disruptions are few and far between. It just seems to be a default hot topic that easily generates highlighted conversation.

@kevinw729 wrote:

It is a shame that this forum has plateaued at the moment. While the VR community seems stronger than ever, they just dont want to do it here!



The forum has only plateaued in regards to how much "bait" is taken, and I don't think it is a shame that this community has (finally) improved to where antagonizing threads get little attention. I think it's a good thing!


With the Facebook Account requirement, it makes sense that most of the activity would take place on its Social Platform. Overall though, this forum has a ton of activity that is mostly centered around Customer Support. That is this forums purpose. it isn't a shame when something serves its intended purpose.


And from what I can tell, any time someone creates a truly engaging conversation and sets a proper tone... there are plenty of community members willing to participate in the discussion.


I think people are just over the whole "PCVR > All" and "Facebook + Oculus = Evil" debates. Five years of that seems to have been enough, and thank goodness! 😁

> Although in my ongoing experience, disruptions are few and far between.


It is possible while it is not opened to all and out of beta, It was the same to other apps/worlds while early adopters were there.


When there are more people some other actions will be required. It was with many more public multiplayer social and gaming worlds. I think same will be with Metaverse.


Small company could use "ban" to solve this, they know that person is free to go to any other company. But if the company is for all people they could not ban any more. Still there are other ways to limit person's actions.


If you think of "comment" as a "content". Then every person is a "content creator". Then dealing with disruptive behavior will be much like you do with other content (apps, games, images, posts, 3D objects, voice messages ....). Same checks  with help of moderators. It could be post-moderation or pre-moderation (person will create a "draft' of a post/comment or any other content first then it will be checked).


Moderator's service is just like any other service. So you could do it same way as other services (like "support" or "sales orders"). It could be free service or payed service! People like to get their content to be available to public so some of them will pay for moderator's time. And they will get most rated and qualified moderators who will not only check their content but will make suggestions and help them to edit content draft so it will comply rules and look better (same for VR apps, posts, comments or pre-recorded talks/questions/etc, even audio content).


I think Metaverse could have a standard guide lines for moderation. Companies could divide risks by creating a set of rules for use in all Digiverses. They could add "ideas" (what they are trying to solve with a rule, that is much like apps source code but for "rules") and "examples" there. That way if it happens that rule is not helping with some wrong behavior people and community could provide examples (when bad actions are not blocked or good actions are blocked with current rules) and it will lead to new version of moderator's rules.


Some Digiverses/groups could add their own rules (like math world or chess world could limit talks and content to be more on world's topic) or change some rules (those standard and additional rules will not be part of policy document so it could be changed faster).


If moderators are just like any other service you could have 3rd party moderators (for any type of content including comments, audio talks, and apps).


If some person's talk or content is not ok it could be put to pre-moderation mode. And a person will see queue length for any free moderator to check this content. There will be checkboxes/options so a person could agree that this one content will be checked with 3rd party modetartor, AI+human moderator, etc or select how much to pay for this check. Then it will change queue length.


For audio it is harder but is possible still. You could think of a public conference as an example. A person wants to ask a question. It could be recorded, checked and then played to speaker and all audience.

For everyday talk you could pre-record some voice messages also (like "hello", "yes", "no" .... or longer) and then select and play them (after moderator's check of that content). You could think that it is not ok to change voice chat to pre-recorded messages, but it is a solution instead of total bans. There could be hundreds of pre-recorded messages. To select it fast you could use all of your field of view or... even voice recognition 🙂


It seems in Metaverse you'll own thousands of content pieces so there should be some way to group them and select fast.


Ok there are some other cases of disruptions but they could be dealt also. Like "personal bubbles" (they will make disrupters and their objects transparent for all people inside a room if they are close or even you could change someones transparency permanently same way you do with sound levels for a person). That will make people feel to be in control.


I think Metaverse will benefit from all people and content they'll create if they will be guided how to make it better.


How do you think?