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Recording Oculus Gameplay Question

Level 2
How would i record Oculus gameplay, but make it normal for a youtube video? I wanna start a oculus rift series on my channel but I know without the Rift the 2 images looks kinda boring for some people 😛

Level 7
You can record the screen using software like Fraps, or using an external DVR recorder that can accept the output from your PC.

Either way you'll have to make use of video editing software to crop out one of the eye views.

Simplest way is to stretch the video 200% horizontally, and then recenter on one of the eye views. But that lowers the visual quality, and everything looks stretched.

Level 2
Stretching the video 200% horizontally is pretty ugly. Very bad practice.
If you have After Effects you can remove (or reduce) the lens distortion with the "optics compensation"-filter. Then you can put the undistorted video side-by-side to your webcam-video and other information.
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Level 2
Why not just show one of the two images and crop it to 16:9 without changing its aspect ratio? You'll lose a chunk of the image at the top and the bottom this way, but it should still work. When you play the games you want to play at a higher resolution than the Rifts native res while recording you should get a video with a high enough safety margin resolution wise to allow this.

Level 3
Heya Tristan7s, did you ever get your series going?

I like the multi-eye screen capture, because it's viewable in the rift when you watch YouTube fullscreen.

I'm looking for the right software too. But I'd like to do Cymatic Bruce style, with stereo views and a webcam view in the middle. Other graphics and logos around the edges.

Anyone know what folks are using to live cast oculus demos? Is it ScreenFlow? Anything free?

Level 2
If you have an Nvidia card shadow play can record at the touch of a button.

Level 2
"dusty44" wrote:
If you have an Nvidia card shadow play can record at the touch of a button.

That's what I needed to know! I've been wondering about this too. Thanks!

Turns out I already have it installed as part of the GeForce Experience. Hadn't really explored the panel that came with the drivers. Apparently I should have!
But... but... but... I just NEED to know about the Baba! The Baba has me hypmotized! :shock:

Level 2
Whenever I try to use Shadow Play to record Rift footage, it doesn't capture anything. Yet it works fine for anything on my monitor.

Any thoughts?

Level 16
I've heard people use OBS (Open Broadcaster Software). It's free.

You would still need to post-process if you want to remove the split-screen/distortion.
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Level 3
Actually now you can use D3DGear game recording software to record Oculus Rift games. D3DGear is capable to recording Oculus Rift games to stunning HD SBS stereoscopies movie natively.  D3DGear also allows to stream broadcast Oculus Rift games and measure Oculus Rift games rendering frame rate in headset.