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Reporting bugs within games

Level 2
Good afternoon,

How do I report bugs in VR games?

E.g. I am playing Arktika.1 and I ran into a bug halfway through a level that would not allow me to teleport to any location. I went to the developer's website but did not see any support or report a bug section. I had to teleport back to the tower and restart the level from scratch. I should be allowed to undo the last teleport move under my glove menu. Just curious. I ran into similar issues with Lone Echo where I was completely stuck in a revival pod and could not exit with the pull-down level. I had to restore the prior autosave and overwrite my progress. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

Level 13
Put it in feedback on the store - the smaller devs probably read it and care, and go to the devs website and see if there’s a way to report it.