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Rift Blackout, Error, reset after windows install?

Level 3
Hello, I just performed a windows install. I have installed all latest drivers for nvidia 1070 GTX. all current win10 x64 updates. and then went ahead and installed Oculus. i went through install and boot up Oculus home. I setup. now i get  a random Error and HMD disconnect for few seconds, then it reconnects again. I have turned off all Power option to all USB. see images and Log . thank you
see if image 1 . what does it mean hardware BAD ?5os900thgoef.jpgm32qpl5xriih.jpg

Level 3

Level 15
Just a wild uneducated guess but maybe go to nvidia control panel 3d settings and turn vsync off and also maybe in your iRacing settings.  Also you may want to temporarily uninstall iRacing.  If it still disconnects/reconnects try a diff usb port.  Probably best to start a ticket with Oculus support.  They are usually very helpful imho.  They will probably suggest you download the Oculus app again and select Repair.

Maybe also try using the latest nvidia drivers.  I'm using 398.82 and it seems to work well for myself and others.
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