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Rift Display Mode - Constantly Inaccurate

Level 3
I try to keep my DK2 set to Direct Mode as often as possible, as it really is the best mode when it works and I look forward to all demos and games working just fine with it.

Unfortunately every time I boot up my computer, the Configuration Utility defaults to Extended Mode, and better yet still when it's in this reset mode, turning on my Rift I get the orange light. When I finally make a change to this configuration, then and only then will my Rift light go blue and it starts to work again.

I hope this is being reproduced internally and a resolution is being created for the next runtime and SDK release. Anyone else having similar issues?
CPU: i7 3770k 4.6Ghz GPU: EVGA GTX 780

Level 2
I do have the exact same issue, as many others i would imagine...

Some times it tells me it's in direct while it is in extended and vice versa.

Restarting the device on the config util usually fixes it.

Level 2
I have not experienced this except during boot up if the Rift is on. My boot screens will occur in the HMD, and my main display will remain blank until the PC loads to desktop, and regardless of what I had the Rift set to before shut down or restart it switches to Extended Desktop Mode and takes over as primary display on boot up.