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Rift Mounted LEAP Motion

Level 2
Nate mentioned people mounting LEAP motion to the Rift, so he must have seen my video and others. For a second I was kind of thrilled that they added a USB hub to the DK2, but then I realized that the LEAP has several bright LEDs in it and that would interfere with the motion tracking camera of DK2.

I also expect the extra IR light from the headset to interfere with the LEAP itself.

Also, waving your hands in front of your face is going to occlude the DK2 from its camera.

So, I attached the LEAP to my face for nothing :lol:


Level 4
"diegocesaretti" wrote:
Every time I see this kind of demo with the leap or kinect with dissapearing fingers i think can You extrapolate the aproximate position of the rest of the fingers just by seeing one or two so they doesn't pop in and out? If You can do that this could work very well to represent hands in game in a realistic way,

What if You mount the leap in a Belt?

I played with a leap motion recently at IEEE VR, which was reported to have some brand new unreleased firmware in it that tracked MUCH better and even worked well when your hand was upside down (apparently estimating finger positions). I tried it and I was pleasantly surprised.

So there may be a significantly improved firmware update coming some time soon for the leap.