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Rift S Disappointment Thread so Oculus knows our feedback!

Level 4
Hello Oculus,

I just would like to express my severe disappointment at the now confirmed features of the Oculus Rift S.

Here are the deal breakers for me (ranked from biggest deal breaker to smallest):

#1 - Lack of outside-in tracking (was hoping for something of the level of tracking that the vive has without having to plug 3 usb sensors in and all the hell that comes with that because of crappy motherboards/cords etc.)

     The reason this bothers me so much is I play games like Echo Arena and you need AMAZING tracking, I am constantly pushing off walls that are completely behind my back without looking and inside out tracking is insufficient.  I also will take a swing behind my back without looking and again inside out tracking won't cut it.

#2 - Lack of a physical IPD adjustment

   My IPD has to be bang on or I end up getting headaches after playing longer then 2 hours.  If it is even 1 mm off, the headaches happen, if it is set just right, I can play for 8 hour plus with no side effects.  I cannot play test a rift S to find out if it will give me headaches for more then 2 hours.

#3 - No option to set your refresh rate to 90 Hz

    If you want the default refresh rate to be 80 Hz fine, but give me the option to allow it to be 90 Hz.  When the fps gets lower than 90 fps I notice it and it does not feel good for me.

#4 - Lack of quality headphone included with the headset

   I love the sound on my rift CV1 and I will not accept anything less and I don't want to have another wire that my hand can bump into when I am playing highly competitive games since I would have to plug in my own headphones.

The small jump in resolution doesn't outweigh all the negatives I have mentioned above and a slight increase in the FOV would have been nice!

I think Oculus has failed in that they should have been developing the Rift S and another new Rift headset that is geared towards those enthusiasts who are willing to pay a bit more for a QUALITY headset.  You have made an AFFORDABLE headset that will get a lot of new people into VR but you have neglected the wants of a LARGE CORE (enthusiasts) of your fans!

Your future headsets has to have a outside in tracking option and an physical adjustable IPD or I will never buy another oculus headset.  At this point I don't want to wait another 2 years for a new proper headset that meets these requirements and my money will likely go to another company that pulls this off in the mean time.  I wish I bought all of my games on the steam store now.  Wouldn't have imagined Oculus's next headset would be so contrary to what I want.


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Level 9

msm903 said:

I picked up my Rift S on Friday. I am trying..... but so many issues compared to my CV1. I definitely noticed the downgrade in FOV. Haven't really seen much of a benefit in the improved resolution, noticing lost of tracking with the controllers, and issues with the HMD tracking (already had to redo the guardian setup a few times especially as I transition between night and day). Not to mention so many crashes with Oculus home and the Rift S. I knew I was going to regret this purchase and sadly I do.

Thankfully I still have my CV1 hooked up and Oculus has given us an option to set whichever as active.

Be sure you use the Eye Relief button located on the underside of the headset. It brings the screen closer to your face (thus increases fov)
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Level 3
My beef with the Rift-S.
I have big hands.  If I have to swing something I obviously have to grip the controllers.  I have to do this with my pinky fingers (to avoid the grip button) which overlap the controller, forcing my hands into an uncomfortable position which leads to discomfort and pain quite quickly.  Somebody needs to make an extender.  The only addon accessories I can find are silicon covers.

Other than that, I am happy with my purchase.