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Rift-S and Quest Order Status

Level 11
My credit card has just been charged. My Rift-S order is processing. 

Your order has been processed, and is preparing for shipping! For your convenience, here is a copy of your final invoice.

I'm really hoping it's a nice visual improvement over my original Rift despite the lack of IPD adjustment

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Level 7
I'm excited too! Pre-ordered from best buy for pickup on the 21st 

Level 12
My amazon quest set for 21st delivery.

Level 7
My Rift S is coming on Wednesday.

Level 16
So now we need a separate thread???  Maybe we will also need a 'Just got my new Rift-S and/or Quest out of the box' thread, lol!
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Level 3
Just recieved a mail from my Local electronic store (The Netherlands). My Rift-S will be delivered the 21st of may between 10:30 and 11:30 in the morning! Can't wait, so excited!!!

Level 12
My rift is coming 2 days after quest. That's a good thing. Trying to decide what to try 1st wouldn't be easy
 Maybe a coin toss.

Volunteer Moderator
Volunteer Moderator

Yeah, mine should arrive the same day and I have a ton of other stuff I should be doing too.

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Level 4
Amazon delivery of my Rift S is tomorrow by 9 pm. I live in USA. Yes!!!!!!!!!!!

Level 7
Best Buy has them both in stock RIGHT NOW... but wont let me pick mine up until tomorrow :'(