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Rift+Tough Bundles from in the UK

Level 2
This is just a feeler to see if others that have ordered the new Rift+Touch bundle from in the UK have gained any information from them.

For example, does "Released on the 4th August" mean dispatching or just when they get stock?

As I understand it, they have been messed around by Oculus, and had to change their original estimates from the 30th to the 4th. I know now has stock (or at least they say they do), but I'm not paying an extra £100 to get it. Nonetheless, that does imply that new stock is getting to the UK, and I wonder if Game has been told not to dispatch it until the 4th for some reason.

Any info welcome.


Level 2
Just me then?  Game website still says 4th, but Game phone app tells me it is being delivered on 3rd.

I get the feeling that the price will go up to £499 after the 4th, otherwise why the countdown?