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Rift sensor placement (2 sensors)

Level 7
I got my rift 5 weeks ago. I set my laptop and the rift sensors on the dining room table 5 feet apart facing forward 3 feet in front of me.
Over the next week or so I was prompted to run through full set up several times. Finally things stabilized and I could start an Oculus session without problem and did so for about a week.

I then moved the sensors to a more permanent location, on wall shelves. The actual sensors are six feet high and eleven feet apart facing inward toward me 5 feet in front of me. This has worked extremely well for the last 3 weeks, great tracking, no startup errors come and go into Oculus games and apps without issue.

Yesterday I manually ran a total resetup of the system.  When it got to the sensor placement, it complained they were too far apart and I couldn't get it to work until I moved the sensors back to the table with their 5 foot separation. Set up continued and finished. I then put the sensors back on the wall shelves and everything worked fine.

What should the separation of the 2 sensors be?
Am I just lucky that my wall shelf placement at 11 feet works?
Is it weird that I could move the sensors from the table, facing forward, with 5 foot separation to the shelf facing inward with 11 foot and not have any complaint from Oculus or the tracking?
What placement do you use for your sensors?

For testing purposes:  I play "Lone Echo" and "Google Earth VR", watch "Blue" and "Lost", and do interior design and blaster target practice in my Core 2 home.

Thanks for any thoughts you might have
ASUS ROG Strix GL702VS-AH73 17.3" Laptop.  I7-7700HQ, GTX1070, 12 GB DDR4 RAM, 500 EVO 970 GB SSD, VS 2017, Oculus rift, Windows 10 home