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Rift vs WMR - a Newbie's take.

Level 3
I'm sure that there's been plenty of Oculus VS ..... 
I'm going to add to that, from a *New* VR user.

I have a Dell WMR Headset as well as my CV-1

Comfort-wise I prefer the Rift.  It just fits my head better, however, Dell gets points for flip up visor, and lots of room for glasses
Controllers... Rift, hands down... WMR controllers feel so awkward compared to the Rift.
Tracking - honestly, about the same.Head tracking is fine, and as long as the controllers are in front of you, the Dell's tracking is good, even if you pass the controller behind your back, as long as it's not out of sight for more than 5 sec.. it snaps back..

Dell's biggest hardware limitations- IPD Adjustment, FOV and "Sweet Spot"  FOV certainly feels more compressed vs Rift, and the Sweet Spot is very small, if you have an IPD out of the normal range, you will not like it.

Dell's biggest hardware success - Resolution. Even though the screens are LCD, they are very bright, and the resolution is very noticable.. minimal SDE, and a sharper, clearer image.

The Samsung has even higher resolution and AMOLED.

Overall, it's more enjoyable to use the Rift, however the Dell has made me want more resolution, in games like Fallout, it's quite the difference.