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Right Touch battery dead, Left Touch battery still FULL?

Level 5
 I got my touch controllers at launch and I've been using the included AA batteries.   Last week the right touch controller stopped working and I noticed it's battery was completely dead, while the left hand controller still has full power left in the battery.

 Is anyone else noticed the right hand controller draining battery is faster than the left hand? I asume they don't get approximatlely the same amount of use, so it seems odd that the right one would be completely dead while the left controller still has full power. 

 Mostly just got a bad set of batteries from Oculus? 

Level 3
to necro the thread again, im having a similar issue. I put my controllers down under a shelf out of view of the sensors and my left touch controller is still almost dead while right is full and im right handed, I mostly play Echo Arena and Onward so both controllers each get equal use.

Level 3
There is a thing called Side chicks! i mean ready to use rechargeable! Swapping just like you do your relationships. So get a side chick i mean a few rechargeable's to keep controllers ready for new battery's. Then you can swap your GF (Battery's!) when you worn her out!.

Level 5
Im right handed and the right hand battery goes first. I swap the battery over half way through their charge to even it out. I also.swapped to 2500mah rechargeables and they work fine.

Level 3
Storing the controllers and headset out of the sensor pickup fields allows things to go to sleep and batteries will last a lot longer i have found. Also +1 for rechargeable !

Level 2
Definitely a thing. I store both controllers in a drawer. The left controller is always dead after a few days, right controller is always fine. Even on a day I barely use either, two days later the left will be dead. I have changed the left controller's batteries at least 14 times now (no joke, maybe more) since I got them... the right controller I have only replaced the batteries once, and that was only because I hadn't thought they were draining differently and had a presentation to be ready for so just replaced all of them.

Level 2
I recently had this start happening.  After no use for a few days, come back and the right hand is completely dead, left completely full charge.  I now started storing the right controller with the battery taken out.  Curious if there is a fix or thought about causes on this.  I've always stored the unit and controllers in the original box.

Level 12
Battery life in the Touch Controllers is atrocious. They don't go into sleep mode for hours. A 20 minute session costs you more than 2 hours of battery power.
I slip a plastic strip between the battery and the terminal when they're not in use.
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Dear Oculus, "If it ain't broke, don't fix it", please.

Level 2
Hahaha What odd for me, is that my dominate hand is the right, but my left controller dies after around 6 hours. While my right controller is about 80%. I deleted the memory and I am bout to bring it back to best buy and exchange it. I had it since the 21st and used many batteries and the outcome was always the same.

Level 3
Did anyone find a fix for this - I'm not sure if anyone noticed, but if you take the 'dead' battery out of the controller that is draining quickly, and place it in the other controller, you'll notice that it reads it at full power.