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Right side audio issues, take care while under warranty

Level 3
So a common issue with the Rift over time is losing audio on the right side when moving the strap. Its an internal problem with the strap/ribbon connection.

Im out of warranty by a month so i got my RMA rejected logically.... Ive taken care of this thing a LOT, since i saved a LOT to buy it first day. Used 6 hours weekly max, in seated games (racing sims etc) ocasionally Onwards. Noone else uses it, its always stored safely. And i still got this issue, so im confident it wasnt wear or abuse or anything.

While i dont regret buying it, i do regret trying out new tech without checking the support it would have. Now im out without the stock audio option, cant buy the parts, cant send it for repairs, cant pay for repairs. Gotta use headphones and be done with it and hope i dont lose the rear led tracking since its the same ribbon for audio and tracking....

I dont know if its fair or not, but as a consumer who made a sacrifice first day to support and enjoy this thing, i didnt expect it to have this ending.... 

I can only wish for you guys to take advantage of the warranty if you ever notice anything with it in regards of audio doing anything funny on the right side while moving the strap on your head. I know some of my friends are getting ready to send them to RMA due to weird colors or lens markings or anything they find since they are almost out of warranty and they know im not kidding when i tell them about this issue.

For those outside warranty with this problem, ill take a week to study how the rift is opened and ill find a technician to help me check and fix the ribbon. Ill make a review on anything i see that would indicate why or how it fails. Lots of pics will be taken along with detailed guide of how to fix it..... if i get to fix it....

Thanks to the guys in support, no thanks to the upper guys on the chain who dont have a helping hand for people who suffer from this issue and wont ever get help with it.

Level 5
Eh, thankfully I live in the UK, so 2 year warrenty for manufactor faults thank god, if it lasts 2 years without breaking, I wont be quite so heart broken if it does die after that. Will of had a good run.

Level 2
Good evening, I bought various viewers and all have the same problem, first to the right and then also to the left.
I have an out-of-warranty viewer, I opened it and unfortunately there is no good news, the side strap is heat sealed and the flexible cable inside breaks punctually on the fold, it is impossible to weld unless losing the movement of the right belt and therefore the adjustment is not as comfortable as before. What's worse, for the one under warranty I sent all the documentation to open an RMA for over a month, sent 8 reminder emails and no one has deigned to answer me. Will they be waiting for the guarantee to expire?