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Run/View regular type Android apps full screen

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I would like to see if there is a way to just run a regular (non VR) Android app in a Quest or similar headset. Two example are being able to watch Netflix or other videos in a full screen mode (not windowed). The MAIN thing I want to be able to do is use my drone app in a Quest so I can have a huge HMD for my drone. I had a cheap Chinese VR headset that would do this no problem years ago but the lenses were garbage and it was blurry everywhere except the middle of my vision so I returned it. I would basically need one of these to be able to just run Android apps with duplicate images on both screens. It just sounds like these are locked down where you need to run apps designed for Oculus.  Is it possible?


Volunteer Moderator
Volunteer Moderator

I assume the Chinese headset had a receiver for viewing the drone image. I dont think there's a receiver that works when plugged into a quest, regarless of software. There are receivers that plug into PCs though so you could stream the drone footage from PC to Quest using Virtual Desktop. Dont know if lag would be an issue though, there has been a thread on this before but I cant remember the outcome. You should also bear in mind Oculus' warning about not using the headset outdoors.


With media viewing there are Netfix and Prime apps that have positionally tracked full screens, like a cinema, this would be much more confortable than a fixed full screen which i think you're describing. There are also apps like Skybox that do the same thing for movie files.

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