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SLI tips

Level 2
For those who will try putting in an extra card rather than the
latest bigger gpu card.

There has been a lot of negativity regarding sli, and its justified.
However that does not mean you should avoid it.

Heres why, using my NZD gtx 670, using cuda cores for performance comparisons

two 670's 500 (original purchase) + 250 (ebay going rate + extra so seller will ship international) == 750nzd, 2670 cudas
one 780 800 (in local pc store) + 500 (original purchase) - 150 (ebay going rate - international shipping) == 1150nzd, 2300 cudas

sli, is a good choice, except it needs to be carefully applied.
I have to go ebay as local NZ and OZ online trader group is too small.
Regarding warrantees, they are for DOA boards mainly.
I hope boards are not thrashed to an early grave.

So here's a thread on the tips and guidelines.

Please put in links and summaries of tips read in magazines.

Level 2
I don't see any tips or guidelines?

Level 16
"inzanian" wrote:
I don't see any tips or guidelines?

Maybe you need to use the A lenses then. Joking apart, I don't see any either.

Level 8
You are optimistic and I really hope you get SLi to work well enough with DK2 🙂 but the general consensus was that SLi introduced too much latency / lag and it just didn't work properly... hope in the future a software solution does turn up 😉

I sold my pair SLi 560ti oc's and didn't get much on ebay but I am really happy I did as the 780oc I picked up goes well 8-)

Level 2
I've got 2 GTX 670s as well, so I'm pretty keen to see how this latency works out.

It's been said that 3-way sli does not suffer from the latency that 2-way does. Dat power consumption tho.

Level 2
OK so lets kill off this thread with an explanation of the latency issue.
What is it and is it fixable? It seems strange with multi-sli's doing their
super high fps reason for being in recent full feature games.

Level 2
tip in maximumPC april 2013, page 30

for quad sli eg two gtz 690s, quad-sli ports ... there is a secret to doing it correctly. No all connector
placements work well (ie the displayport or hdmi cable can go in 1st dvi, 2nd dvi, 3rd dvi, single DP, where 1st is bottom left, 2nd right? 3rd top? looking into card end. )

So the correct connectors to use are the 2nd, 3rd or the DP.
Any other plugin can lead to unstable behaviour that most experienced builders will attribute to a bad PSU,bad RAM or other hardware issue. These avoid random lockups related to an improper configuration.

Level 4
Weird. I run 2 GTX680's in SLI. Smooth as butter, what latency are you guys talking about???

Level 2
Here's a quickfire four minute search:

EVGA x58 (old) SLI motherboard hardware secrets
Micro stutter: the dark secret of SLI and crossfire for overclockers
Gigabyte Geoforce GTX Titan review
Quad SLI SuperComputer

Please comment, damn or add your own.