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Seated Touch Games

Level 5
Blasphemy right?!? But seriously, sometimes I get worn down by Dead & Buried, Unspoken, and VR Sports and I need a break, but I pretty much NEVER want to play VR without my Touch controllers again.  I have yet to try any Touch specific games while seated.  Have any of you?  This question has two goals, as my wife injured her foot two days ago and can't stand that well.  I would love to have her experience some games but so far I've only got her to try Medium.

Anyone tried any Touch games while seated?

Level 4
I expect you to die is a great seated touch experience. I'd recommend it.

Level 5
Awesome, I've had my eye on that one.

Level 12
U can play bullet train seated. I haven't tried but maybe some standing games can be done seated, if for example u do the set up height based on being seated. Please start a new thread after to let us know hiw it goes. 

Level 8
you can play Arizona Sunshine seated, it's a blast.

Level 9
Fishing  😄
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Level 7
I have to play seated, so I've been trying them all that way.  The most frustrating part is not being able to turn around.  Need to find a solution to that.  VR Sports was painful.  I have fractures in my spine/back, which is why I can't stand for more than a couple of minutes.  Sports was cool, but really hurt.  Won't be playing that again, but definitely playable seated for most people.   

Another problem is that sometimes objects you're supposed to grab are below your legs.  For example, with The Unspoken, I had a hard time grabbing charms because I would have to put my hand through my legs to get to them.   It expects you to be standing.  It would be better if they put them a little further in front of you.

Drawing my weapon in Dead and Buried was a bit annoying too for similar reasons.  I tried a single multiplayer match and lost hard.  

Still, they're all mostly playable.  

Level 3
If you just want to relax then quill is great while seated. Very relaxing and you never really have to stand up. Also as mentioned above, I expect you to die is also great while seated! Really fun game.

Level 4
Granted this isn't an Oculus game but I was playing "anyland" yesterday sitting on my butt 🙂

Level 3
Hehe I think many of us are having a rude awakening to our low levels of fitness lol 😛

Elite:Dangerous - seated, with a good joystick and throttle you're getting the same sensation (and can see your hands move etc).