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Seated VR vs Standing VR

Level 5
Which do you prefer and why? Or do you enjoy both seated and standing VR? 

I enjoy both but playing seated as of lately has felt amazing. I have been sitting down and  enjoying the VR world over the last couple of hours with experiences like the game "i expect you to die" and many of the VR experiences like the "Henry" short film.

Going from several days straight of playing physical games like the climb and robo recall to relaxing sitting experiences is really cool. I just think there is so much more creative potential for the seated VR experience. I hope to see more seated touch control games or experiences like "i expect you to die". 

The main thing i want to say is that imagine being put under hypnosis by a professional. When you are in that deep relaxing state you are always sitting down or lying down. I want VR to put us in the hypnotic relaxing state to an extent. Lets see what the future holds with seated experiences.