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Second Void Outlet Closes - Sad Times

Level 13
What are your thoughts Kevin?  Is this mainly due to Covid or were things not good anyway?

Still haven't had a chance to try out warehouse VR - it's still a dream.

Level 16
Yes this was sad news on top of the first one closing at Disney property.

The situation was also compounded by the other big LBE VR operators with big investment SandboxVR having their US wing files Chapter 11 - just like AMC has had to do.

The situation however is not all doom and gloom, with the news of new openings from Zero Latency, and from Secret Location and from Vertigo Arcade.

The LBE VR market also saw some major numbers as the audience starts to come back, making some analysis start re-upping the ratings on some operations.


Not out of the woods but the light at the end of the tunnels may not be a oncoming steam train! "The Out-of-Home Immersive Entertainment Frontier: Expanding Interactive Boundaries in Leisure Facilities"

Level 16
A few of us saw this coming, as discussed in a related thread:

And all this comes after the blow dealt by the removal of Beat Saber from VR Arcades:

Overall, anything using a Brick and Mortar business strategy is going to face challenges each coming year. Streaming service like Netflix and full web-retail services like Amazon have already caused many brick and mortar businesses to go bankrupt and/or permanently close. The Pandemic is only going to further that reality.

Personally, I've always seeing it as highly counter-intuitive to take a futuristic technology like Virtual Reality, which removes physical boundaries as a limitation, and then... add physical boundaries as a limitation to it.

That's like taking the wings off an airplane.

Hopefully a lot of these businesses being impacted can shift gears and invest in something far more future-proof.