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Sensitivity settings for head movements

Level 2

Whenever I watch videos showing people playing with VR-HMDs (doesn't matter which one) I always wonder why the movement of the head is so intensive while there can't be seen an appropriate head movement within the game. Look at this for example, especially at 1:03 when the guy is looking to the left.

Sometimes it's like the game doesn't even react to every physical movement. 😕 Is this on purpose to slow things down, preventing motion sickness?


Level 10
Its hard to judge the 1:1 relation by watching a video. If you were wearing the hmd you'd see its accurate. Adjusting the sensitivity would actually cause more sickness than it would fix.

Also position tracking has a lot to do with perceived rotation

Level 2
It is 1:1 always and should not be adjustable in a VR game - it makes you terribly ill otherwise. It is set that way by default in the Oculus SDK and most certainly the other dev kits.
3rd party injectors like vorpX do allow you to adjust look sensitivity (along with FOV, etc.) as it's needed to make non-native VR games look correct. I've adjusted that in Skyrim and it really needs to be as close as possible to not be a vomit fest.

I see what you're saying though. I watched my brother try out my DK2 and what you see mirrored on the 2D monitor doesn't match what the person experiences in the HMD because the FOV is different.
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