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Sensor placement

Level 5
I was wondering, what wouldn't work for sensor placement.  What is the maximum distance it would work at for instance, could I mount them on the ceiling at a 45 degree angle, etc?

Level 9
Absolutely you can use the ceiling. In fact it's best  as far as making the largest possible tracking area. I have mine on the ceiling with a 16 foot extension. It is atm what will be my rear sensor ( couldn't wait to set it up). The 2nd sensor that comes with touch will be my front facing one. It's going to be on a speaker stand on my desk, standing ultimately about 5 feet tall

Level 10
do you need to do anything special or do you just install the camera and then run the config?? I'd love to do this [put camers on the roof] and setup my space permanently
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Level 9
Nothing special. Rerun sensor config.

Level 4
I had the sensor on my desk since i got my rift, but i was sick of bumping it and having to re set things up.  I mounted it on the ceiling with a couple of those 3M picture hanging things and a USB 2.0 extension (I have USB 3.0 on order now)  and even with the USB 2.0 it is soooo much better. Night and day difference.

Level 5
Question.  I just got a camera wall mount, but the sensor has a proprietary hole that is basically a half moon.  I notice that the top of the sensor stand "appears" to be a screw off.  I just wanted to know if someone can confirm this, before I take a wrench to the stand.

Level 9 might help

The circular base of the stand also screws off, if you need a little more height, btw

Level 9

I assume the Touch it will come with some type of instructions on sensor placement.
My Rift sensor is facing me, up on a shelf higher then my desk angled down a bit and kind of to my left side.

Not sure where the best place will be to put the second sensor that comes with the Touch.
I also read that 3 sensors were recommended 😮

I currently have zero tracking issues, so I will wait til the second sensor is in, and see how that goes before I get a 3rd !

Any idea where it should go though (the 2nd Touch sensor I mean) ?

Edit: I found a picture of my Desk (pre Rift) - My sensor is a at position 1.
Should I put the second Touch sensor at position 2? or maybe behind me or something ?


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Level 9
If you want to turn 360 without the controllers occluded, mount the second one behind you or buy a third and have it behind you. If you don't do this, you're restricted to 180 degrees until the controllers will be occluded. I'm mounting mine behind me / will be buying a third.