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Set Zenbane Free!

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We must fight for his freedom.  A democratic vote, to release Zenbane or keep the number 1 Oculus Fan imprisoned by tyrants?  I hate zenbane, I spit on his dumbfuckery to Zuckerberg.  However, I fight for his right to freedom, and for us to not be silienced by thought control tyranny. ; Here is a video where Facebook helped kill an ex muslim and talks about freedom of speech issues, this is why we must fight for Zenbane to be freed!  

A fair vote in the kingdom of Oculus?  Or will the thread peasants be silenced and their vote never considered (or the oculus voting machines might be hacked by Russia?) 

Palmer FREEMAN Luckey said Hillary was still not in jail, but zenbane is?
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snowdog said:

My puss used to be cute and lovely... now she's a bloody monster

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AtariVR said:

@AtariVR has been around the scene for a while. Originally as @martinlandau on the MTBS forums (even before Oculus was a company) then on here as @cleverusername and a few other accounts that all eventually got banned. As far as I know, he is not @Zenbane. I feel bad because I've known him for a while, which is why I am giving him an chance and not auto-banning. However, I do hope he can control himself and things don't get too crazy. I mean, there is nothing in the forum rules against conspiracy theories, and they can be entertaining as long as people don't take things too seriously. But I will keep an eye out and see what happens.

Before Oculus was a company?  Cyber, you of ALL PEOPLE, really seem to minimize a thread that you and I were both part of that has a very significant piece of history.  Why do you do this?  YOU of all?  The thread where palmer luckey admits he is an ignorant VR newbie, and begs me for wide FOV hmd leep vr help.  The thread where later in public interviews palmer luckey says that my Leep VR help launched the ideas for the rift, the BIRTH of the rift in that moment, by his own admission.  Why take that from me and totally disregard that piece of history?  I have a family to feed too, but it seems you and palmer and so many others wanted to minimize, erase, or distort that reality, harming me.  So lets put your perception of reality to task.  Palmer admitted that thread and that leep VR help I gave him was the birth of the rift, do you agree with palmer or do you disagree?  Yes or no?  For the newbies who don't know martinlandau.  Really Cyber, why minimize your OWN piece of history where you also were part of this digital shrine that was the beginning of palmers deceptions in VR? (not my claim, the lost court cases where he broke signed contracts and robbed and cheated people)  Anyways geekmaster told me to ALWAYS post this quote, because it made palmer luckey very very happy.  

Palmer Luckey - I have found some good links, but I am not sure if they are the ones you were talking about. Would you mind direct linking me to them? oops (referring to leep vr info that alex howlett took down because too many thiefs/scumbags were pillaging the info and alex told me his dad eric was not getting proper credit - I never got the timeline for when the links went inactive or were changed though, and not sure if even alex ever knew the dates exactly)

Blimey!  That was a facinating thread!  Thanks.  @Cybereality and AtariVR, you really are part of history mateys!

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Andy you can see very early, cyber basically gave palmer all the goodies, vr920 hmd, Fresnel lenses, helping with the MRG wide FOV - everything that later became the rift.  Cyber did you ever send those Fresnel lenses to palmer like he asked in that thread?
Cyber certainly was one of a few people that handed over the golden goose to palmer in ideas, information, feedback, that birthed the rift in palmers ignorant newbie mind.  I rarely EVER here anyone mention what niel, cybereality, or others did in this regard though, forgotten to history, same as the influence vrtifacts had, like roy batty said in blade runner, lost like tears in the rain.  You can see the early personalities there, and how time, money, greed, changed some personalities to what they are today.  That is something that gives me hope in Cyber, he just stayed cool, calm, collected, didn't let shit go to his head like palmer, and now we see new tweets by carmack talking about god worship, what EGO.  Cyber is a good asset for facebook.  What a shame those forums for niel though, seems things pretty much died for him, geekmaster told me he couldn't stand to see niel reduced to bumbling around in a messy basement like a loser.  It seemed back then palmer was a nice cool kid, who would ever guess what he became after iribe, and massive money, maybe a moral lesson in there for society about how fractured and damaging our current socio-economic system is with creating bad humans.

I just shipped off my fully completed 1280x800 MRG to Cyberreality, @cybereality where did this piece of history wind up?  It should certainly be recorded in history somewhere (wiki?) that you helped with the very first wide FOV device palmer made after teaching him about Fresnel lenses inside an HMD as you suggested with the 920 - certainly what the rift became.

Andy I just went back through the thread fully (first time in almost a year since you showed interest)  Geekmaster is in there VERY ANGRY, palmer and joe chen promised him a dk2, the first dk2 in fact that was going to be shipped outside of oculus. (according to geekmaster)  Palmer just lied to him.  Like he lied a lot too many.  Then they wanted geekmaster to do free development work for group 69, but wouldn't send him the promised dk2, I have known geekmaster a long time now, he doesn't lose his cool, but he lost his cool when that happened.  He couldn't believe the GREED of palmer, with so much money and power, to exploit and use him like that after lying to him.  I don't understand it myself, why treat geekmaster this way?  He was trying to help them. ; Also at this point you see palmer try to siphon off niels peeps to his mod retro VR forum, I cant say too much because various lawsuits are still ongoing, but this was a BIG PROBLEM and niel had to do some serious shit in the background to stop this gutting of his forum.  It paints a picture though of what an EARLY THIEF palmer was, was just going to snatch niels gravy from him, never appreciative for a damn thing.  (do you ever see me, cyber, anyone else there trying to snatch niels users base to siphon off to our own forum at a different website?)

Anyways manuel novelo is mentioned in there, with tdvisor,  More lawsuits, what a shit show it all turned into.  Greed!  Palmer kept that 1000hz tracker info to himself, hurt a lot of innovation that many could have brought to this planet.  As jaron lanier says, these types of humans want control, power, to stop and stifle others, they don't want true goodness for the good of all mankind.  I get emotional going back to that place, I can only do it a few times a year.  Palmer has ridden his deception as far as he will ever take it though, no more lies to sell to people that will believe them.  How mark Zuckerberg got ensnared by him should be something we do not forget though, it was a valuable learning lesson for many and he wont make that mistake again.  I think the long term vision for VR was tremendously aided at facebook with bumping out palmer.  It gives me hope that in 10-20 years the best things in VR will be aided by the best companies and all the bad actors will have long been weeded out.

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Is this forum big enough for TWO trolls that practically live here and post wind bag run on posts aimed to humiliate others?

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zboson said:

kojack said:

Oh and happy swedish midsummer to everyone. I'm off in a couple of hours to drink aquavit and eat gravlax and meatballs (and other stuff). No, I'm not swedish (and it's winter here), but I know a person from sweden so it's party time!

Summers in Scandinavia are the best in the world. If you happen to make
it here maybe we could meet for a beer or coffee?  I will partake in a
new VR research proposal. We could discuss collaborating. Send me a
private message if you're interested.

The Scandinavian region is definitely up on my list of places to see, if I ever get around to getting a passport. I've had more exposure to swedish people and food, but I've watched more norwegian movies. (Never had anything to do with denmark, but I'm sure they're cool, no pun intended). If I'm in that neck of the woods I'll drop by. 🙂

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I totally misread your original post. I thought you were in Sweden (your comment about it being winter there was strange so I should have reread the post).

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Blimey!  That was a facinating thread!  Thanks.  @Cybereality and AtariVR, you really are part of history mateys!

Yeah, I checked out for the first time yesterday and it's very interesting.

Palmer wrote
I have basically just sold off most of my "fleet" of about 20
computers, leaving me with a few choice favorites, like my Amiga 2000

Palmer was/is an Amiga fan! I have not owned or seen an Amiga in a long time but few things have had such an impact on my life as that computer. The Rift is the closet thing I know of that has given me that Amiga feeling back.

It was also interesting to read Palmer. He writes well and has good grammar. That's impressive for his age. He was probably more mature than I gave him credit for.

I also had no idea @cybereality had such a long history with Oculus. He even has his own blog which everyone else probably already knows about.

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Cyber is very modest  ❤️
Look, man. I only need to know one thing: where they are. 

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There is some really interesting stuff in those old MTBS3D threads. That forum is like a living museum of the birth of modern VR.

Occasionally, we get some little tidbits out of Cyber, like when he posted the video of his old backpack VR prototype:

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