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Set for Classroom use

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Greetings! I am a college professor who is applying for a grant to purchase a set of VR headsets for my entire class--so 30 headsets total. 

I like what I am seeing with Oculus, particularly that it pairs with Google Earth, which is mainly what I want it for. 

However, what I am not seeing on the Oculus site are things like storage units for several headsets and bundle packages of several headsets.

Does anyone know if Oculus deals in this sort of thing?



Volunteer Moderator
Volunteer Moderator

You might want to have a look at Oculus For Business, it supports things like administration of multiple headsets and doesn't require you to use a personal Facebook account to log in to every headset.

Note: it costs more, and you can't upgrade consumer headsets to business headsets. But it better suits that situation.


Also note: Google Earth VR is only available for PC. You'll need one gaming PC for each Quest 2 to run it, there's no native Quest 2 version.

It's awesome though. I love Google Earth in general, Google Earth VR is even better. It scales your perception based on your altitude, if you move the camera 100m off the ground, it feels like you are a 100m tall person, not a normal person flying 100m in the air. So the world feels miniature. Move to ground level and it's real life scale. Very cool.

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