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Several comments - and guardian issues.

Level 2

1- Took me over an hour to make this comment. I tried using the app in iPad and in iPhone. In the end it wants me to log into my FB account. This asks for a code from the code generator. After I get a code and enter it, NOTHING happens. Just a blank white page with an X on the top.  No error, no entry, NOTHING. Do you really want to hear from us? This is not how it felt. If you press the X, you go back to the beginning.

2- I am not sure whether I have V34 or not I'll need to check. But, if I don't play some stuff in developer mode and remove the guardian, some things are basically no longer playable any more. Seems that events near the guardian boundary are not passed to the apps and you just fail the games. This is especially prevalent in BeatSaber. If I remove the guardian, I get a wealth of high scores that I haven't dreamed of since the latest oculus and beat saber updated over the past month and a half or so.

Despite a plethora of attempts to contact BeatSaber - they do not answer - neither mails nor facebook comments receive reactions. I have opened 3 cases with the oculus support about this and they insist that this is only a beat saber thing and refuse to continue with the case until I am in touch with them.  So this is not going to work 🙂 


Does anyone have a suggestion for how I can pass this over to both Oculus and BeatSaber and I will get a response as if someone at least is trying to deal with this issue? If i have an issue with my personal device, I need to know this. However, since in my facebook groups dealing with beat saber and oculus, I am not the only one to make these comments about the guardian, apparently I am not alone. 


I would say that before making a million changes in a non-working guardian, at least first fix the one that is currently not working? Maybe then we can all get back and start enjoying games again and not constantly think "will my movements be seen or will I just fail again". When you think like that, you cannot play with a clear mind.

Thank you.