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Shipping time EUROPE ONLY

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I know theres a couple more threads at least regarding the shipping situation of the summer bundles but we have people form all regions mixed in them, so we share and get info not relevant to our own region sometimes.

That's why I think a thread centered on Europe orders and shipping times will be useful to all of us in the region. It's very surprising to me the absolute lack of info, both on the main site and during the ordering proccess, also later when contacting support, it seems we users need to help each other to get some light on the whole situation.

So please share your experience and status of your order, mine was ordered on the 16th so first day to count is really the 17th, of course is still at "order" status and support gave me the usual no ETA copy/paste answer. I'm in Spain BTW.

Thanks in advance for you feedback.
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I ordered on the 10th from Ireland and my card hasn't even been charged yet. I don't know what it is about the Oculus supply chain that results in orders being fulfilled non-linearly but it's infuriating to see orders placed days later shipped out before mine is even processed.

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Hmmm, I noticed weird thing with
First of all- I don't see they sell that bundle anymore. I ordered it yesterday and it said they were out of stock and they will get stock again on 22-nd and will be delivered between 26 and 28...
But weird thing is that if you look at the Oculus Rift package separately- it says that it is in stock and if you look at Oculus Touch- they are also in stock. So I am just wondering how come you can order Rift and Touch separately and get them shipped right away but when you ordered a bundle- it was saying out of stock and didn't ship it either?
Well, I am ok with waiting to get it shipped somewhere next week. Pretty sure it will be faster to get it through amazon than with Oculus... But it's just weird 🙂

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Two tracking numbers:) yeeeey

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Went from Sweden to Bordeaux on holliday and bought it at Fnac

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In the UK,
Ordered midday on12th and just received my 2 UPS tracking numbers.
Patience has paid off.

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I ordered from the UK on the 15th. No news yet, and no updates when contacting support for some kind of ETA.
When I mentioned that if the delay was going to be very long, I might order it elsewhere, they put my order on "Hold" until I confirmed that I still wanted it. How ludicrous! I likely lost my slot by a few units (I didn't see the email from them for about 8 hours), which is frustrating. I was simply asking a question, and have now been bumped down the queue. They say that's not the case, but I don't believe it if they put me on hold...
It's not unreasonable when ordering something to expect some idea of timing for delivery. It doesn't have to be exact, but come on Oculus!!

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It's VERY likely that what happens is this : 

When the queue gets to your number, if you're on hold, they ignore you and go to the person after you.
Given the date you ordered, if you're back to "TBA" state now, it won't have changed anything.

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Hey guys,

I just got an answer from support with some hint of dates!!!:

We've seen overwhelming demand with the Summer of Rift sale, and we’re working hard to deliver your Rift and Touch bundle as soon as possible.

We’re expediting inventory to fulfill outstanding webstore bundle orders globally, and we expect to see improvements in shipments over the next two weeks. We’ll be sure to notify you when your Rift + Touch bundle is on its way.

We plan to be back in-stock for new orders globally by mid-August. Online and local retailers may offer different or faster estimates, and we’re easily able to cancel your order if you’d like to purchase through a retail partner instead.

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Lord, I must have chosen the WOOORST time ever for my exchange. (I sent my unit back to where I bought from and have NOT ordered the new one from Oculus yet). They say "global stock mid-August"....which for me reads like it could well take 3-4 weeks until I have a new one here. And I am already getting the jitters and serious withdrawals not having VR...

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Hmmm... wonder what they mean by new orders. Like new new as of today, or new as of 15th onwards which woul coincide with some previous estimates... I guess I'll find out mon-tue...