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Shipping time EUROPE ONLY

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I know theres a couple more threads at least regarding the shipping situation of the summer bundles but we have people form all regions mixed in them, so we share and get info not relevant to our own region sometimes.

That's why I think a thread centered on Europe orders and shipping times will be useful to all of us in the region. It's very surprising to me the absolute lack of info, both on the main site and during the ordering proccess, also later when contacting support, it seems we users need to help each other to get some light on the whole situation.

So please share your experience and status of your order, mine was ordered on the 16th so first day to count is really the 17th, of course is still at "order" status and support gave me the usual no ETA copy/paste answer. I'm in Spain BTW.

Thanks in advance for you feedback.
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I order from 20/7 from Ireland still waiting :c hope so I'm gonna get the shipping soon

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I ordered on 30/7. Does anybody aprox. how long I need to wait? Because if it's after 20th August then I can't play with it till 31/8. Thank you!

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Bloke next to me ordered Friday 4th last week delivery Tuesday 8th this week. I ordered 3rd no news yet. UK

Did he order of Amazon, seems like he did since it was fast for him. 

No direct and it now at his home. Wont see him tomorrow!

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Woooo! Finally got my tracking numbers, two of them so looks like the old bundle. Really hope it isn't a returned or refurbished model, heard some horror stories about people getting non functional rifts this sale :x.

Level 3
Canceled my order. This is the worst handling of an OFFICIAL sale that I've ever seen.

There's no direct shipping to my region, but that's fine, because a friend of mine is visiting his relatives in Germany, so I figured he could pick Oculus up for me.

He ordered it 3 weeks ago. We had no confirmation or reply all this time, until yesterday, when he was informed that the transaction didn't come through. The transaction that was supposed to occur THREE weeks ago.
We had to cancel because he's coming home in 5 days and I don't believe they'd be able to ship it that fast judging by this thread.

Very salty but oh well. No VR for me. Resellers in my region are taking double the price for the most basic bundle.

Level 4
Today i received my confirmation e-mail with 1 tracking number (so 1 package, no xbox controller)
i order my rift from oculus website on the 19th of July from the UK

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Ordered 23 July, order is processing now! Sweden.

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Ordered 26 July. Processing now! Finally:-) From Norway 

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Anyone else got their tracking numbers emailed as an invoice that says "pay on delivery"?
I've already payed Oculus via PayPal so dunno what that is about.