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Shipping time EUROPE ONLY

Level 3

I know theres a couple more threads at least regarding the shipping situation of the summer bundles but we have people form all regions mixed in them, so we share and get info not relevant to our own region sometimes.

That's why I think a thread centered on Europe orders and shipping times will be useful to all of us in the region. It's very surprising to me the absolute lack of info, both on the main site and during the ordering proccess, also later when contacting support, it seems we users need to help each other to get some light on the whole situation.

So please share your experience and status of your order, mine was ordered on the 16th so first day to count is really the 17th, of course is still at "order" status and support gave me the usual no ETA copy/paste answer. I'm in Spain BTW.

Thanks in advance for you feedback.
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Level 3
Ordered from: ITALY

 17th October
Processing: ?
Shipped: ?
Scheduled Delivery: ?

I think that I'll die soon...

Level 2
Ordered from: ITALY

16th August (11:49)
16th August (16:28)
Scheduled Delivery: 

Pretty good that they took the money like 5 hours after the order.
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