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Should the VR Community Support a Platform Monopoly?

Level 15 "The Out-of-Home Immersive Entertainment Frontier: Expanding Interactive Boundaries in Leisure Facilities"

Level 7
Sure, why not. 

Level 8
Oh wow, some guy published a video.  He must be the president of everything.  🙂

When there are only two major players in the PC VR space right now, talking about monopolies is stupid when the market is this small.  You kids really need to make this the last time you are the early adopter of anything.  You simply don't comprehend what is going on at this early stage of the technology and competition.  Competition fosters innovation.  So what, you have to wait a couple of months to buy a game that Oculus paid for.  Well, you should still say thank you since they funded those games you're going to be able to play eventually.

All this talk about anti-consumer and monopolies is just a's all about entitlement.  Nobody even explains what they mean when they say anti-consumer.

Level 15
Oculus isn't a platform monopoly though is it. From the video he suggests that a platform monopoly is when you take a product or service and then undercut the competition before moving into another area to do the same until you've leeched as much as you can without putting anything back.

I'm not sure how this is relevant to the current VR situation other than his comments about selling the company for Billions. 

Also how old is this video because he talks about Youtube not giving half the ad revenue to the people who make the videos but they give 60% to me on my Youtube channel and it's been like this for quite some years for Youtubers.

EDIT: Oh wait, it's new and therefore his credibility is lessened mouthing off about something he hasn't researched properly. Fine if you're a forum dweller but not if you've got the balls to stand up on the stage soap box.

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Level 9
Some may say that Steam is a platform monopoly... Although I still support them. Glad to support Oculus as well.

Level 8

Some may say that Steam is a platform monopoly... Although I still support them. Glad to support Oculus as well.

I still buy games on Steam too, in fact I bought Adr1ft on Steam simply because I only had a passing interest in playing it.  I still got my Home code though.  🙂

Level 7
One should not support a platform monopoly.
This is why I buy some of my games through Oculus Home,
challenging the entrenched PC monopoly that is Steam.

Level 15
The term "monopoly" is being tossed around as loosely as a pair of dice in the board-game of the same name. Goodness.

Level 5
I think most of the steam love comes from the fact that steam is now big enough and can corner publishers into a situation where everyone can buy cheap as ru keys day 1 on a games release. In a way i think it regulated the pc games market into a more reasonable position but not without a cost. Who knows what would have happend without steam ? A "to go" platform just for indies taking just 5 percent of the revenue ?

Level 4
The last thing PC gaming needs is games tied to specific hardware, it's annoying enough already when AMD/nvidia play silly buggers.