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Sixense STEM Giveaway

Level 3
Just got en email about this:

Are those images new, or did I miss something?

Level 3
Did you join the kickstarter on this?

Level 3
No, it escapes my budget at the moment. I have the wired Hydra though.

The giveaway was before the Kickstarter, here's the original email in case anyone missed it:

Enter to win a free STEM System™
before the Kickstarter project launches!
As part of the upcoming launch of our Kickstarter project for the STEM System, we're giving away a full system (including two controllers and five STEMs)! Be sure to enter if you haven't already done so on our website at You'll also find more details about the STEM System, our new wireless motion tracking system that enables the most immersive user experience with virtual reality, video games, and more.

The project launches on Kickstarter on Thursday, September 12 at 7:00 AM PDT. We'll have some early backer rewards, so be sure to get there on time! We'll share more details on the day before launch.

-The Sixense team

Level 2
Hey Walky, por que envío mandan el Oculus VR a Chile? Cuánto te salió en aduanas? (sorry que pregunte acá, pero no tengo mensajes suficientes para un PM)