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So how IS Dying Light? Hear that it's pretty good!

Level 4
Title says it all, how is Dying Light in the DK2 which is confirmed around the web to be working.

How is it?

Level 3
I haven't tried it. People are saying no positional tracking, and menus are hard to see
Here's a hands on video. Does look awesome, but I think I'll wait.

Level 2
For what I heard not so good with the rift.
The action is going to fast to be comfortable with the rift when their is fight.

Level 4
Hey guys, I just started with my DK2 and this should be the "Go to" place for discovery on games etc.

Anyone around here using the dk2 with Dying Light? There are some articles out there and a you tube video saying that it is actually pretty darn good...but just some menu issues.

How is it? I count uponeth thine opinions!!

Level 3
I haven't tried it, but without positional tracking I don't see how it could be that great.

Level 2
Dying light is awesome. Brother and I have been playing it all day. My other brother has it for pc and runs it perfectly with view distance down to half but whatevs.

Level 2
Dying Light itself is worth the price of admission. However, I only have a DK1 and not a DK2 but some comments on compatibility;

There are a lot of places where the camera is "pulled away from you" during the story. If you're past the story and into the free roaming part, it shouldn't be that bad, but be aware.

It's a *really* fast game. I can't imagine it being comfortable in the Rift at all, unless you are just putting it on to look at environments and taking it off again.

It already requires a pretty insane rig to run on High already at the moment. You will have to have a beast to run it with Rift enabled.

All that said, it's worth getting because it's just a lot of fun, and it's nice to at least support a developer who attempted to add Rift support.