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Sony's New HMZ-T3

Level 2
Well.. this was just posted on Engadget..

When Sony says the Rift is interesting when it comes to connecting to the PS4.. are they really just trying to make their own VR headset?

I wonder how this unit compares with the current Rift dev kit?

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From what I hear, it doesn't have headtracking. Its basically just a TV on your head. I can see getting motion sick if you don't sit still. 😐

Level 2
Wow looks really cool, although being still 720p is a deal breaker to me. Wireless functionallity is cool though. Guys dont compare it to the rift, they are very different products. Although sony can make a rift like HMZ model in the future.

Level 15
Think the comparison was best discussed by one of the commenter too the story:

So in short, Oculus DevKit v1 is better for games, but HMZ v3 has better image quality with narrower FOV

Now many of those in previous discussions will have to concede that Sony has elected to build HMD's now and though their studio boss may have said the Rift was "great" - the reality is if you play a HMD on the PS4 it will be only a Sony one!

As we see Sony release a new HMZ now every few months, it would be obvious to deduce that they will be "learning" a lot from the OVR CSK release next year and come out with their own competitor, eating into market share and adding to the pressure on the new company.

From what I hear, it doesn't have headtracking. Its basically just a TV on your head.

The HMZ designation indicates the system is a "virtual viewer" rather than a dedicated HMD. Sony still sits on the fence about VR, and have allowed the customization of the range to head tracking, but do not add it as a feature. Fundamentally, Sony wants to see others plow a path in Gen-Two HMD design (especially navigating the whole motion sickness culpability issues) then select the best route for their entry. Speculation high about a Sony VR / PS4 combined unit (if Oculus is successful) for 2015. "The Out-of-Home Immersive Entertainment Frontier: Expanding Interactive Boundaries in Leisure Facilities"

Level 2
I bought the HMZ-T1 and it was pretty cool for what it was. I will not be buying another unless they get a product with massive Field Of Veiw and head tracking. 45 degrees doesn't cut it for me anymore. I think releasing a T3 right now was a bad decision on their part. It just invites everyone to make a comparison of it to the Rift and decide they would rather wait for the consumer model of the Rift. 😉

All hail Oculus! Long live Oculus!
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sony need to add:

-Head tracking 6 DOF
-FOV 110°/or more
-OLED curved to increase fov without deleting picture quality

After is perfect!!!!

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some ppl dont understand that increasing the FOV, decrease the resolution and image quality.
you can't have both

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I don't think sony is making any VR things.
They are just releasing their 3D video glasses, which is very common.

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"Tgaud" wrote:
some ppl dont understand that increasing the FOV, decrease the resolution and image quality.
you can't have both

Yes you can....

With 2 angled screens or flexible curved screen....

Level 2
I've owned (and recently sold) both the HMZ-T1 and HMZ-T2 (marginally lighter) and I can honestly say that BOTH (even the T2) feel like you're wearing a brick on your face compared to the Rift...particularly on the bridge of your nose.

The weight on the T1 was so bad that I couldn't wear it for more than 20minutes without it actually hurting my nose and making me feel like my nose was blocked. (...and i REALLY don't have a big nose, I swear :lol: )

For watching movies it was pretty cool but that's about it...I can't say I ever felt like i was sitting in front of some massive cinema-type screen, like some people have said in reviews; to me it felt no different than sitting a few feet away from my 27" LED to be honest. The most impressive thing about the Sony headsets is the colour reproduction, black levels and the crisp resolution...but then again any PS3 game that supports 3D that I tried (ie: Uncharted) looked absolutely awful at the scaled down resolution - The only game I ever really enjoyed playing with them was GT5.

I can't say I'm awfully excited for the '3' after receiving my Rift....low res and all 😛